Guilty of scolding your child


     This is the one thing that i go through alot.If i raise my voice on my toddler i feel guilty alot,if i scold him i feel guilty.I feel as if i have done the biggest sin and there is no repenting for it.And this sense of guilty remains deep inside me all the time.Time and again when my baby is sleeping i look at him and realize that i could have make you understand nicely and in a more proper way that is applicable for you.I feel sorry for being an Angry mom.
Its not like that i am always an angry person but sometimes when you are buzy in work,exhausted and sleep deprived it happens.I am sure it happens with every mom out there.
Few days back i had spoken to my son in a raised voice and like always i felt gulity and my conscience was like talking to me that you could have done that nicely and sweetly but you always end up getting angry.Honestly i was feeling very low.And when after sometime's when my son came to me smiled and hugged me i felt more bad and disgusted that i did this to my sweet baby who is just 3 years old and for him his whole world is me.I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH and he is the whole world to me.He is one naughty and a very smart boy❤.He knows what works best with AMMA.๐Ÿ˜€
Maybe nowadays wherever you read its written you should never get angry at your child you should never scold them or it will affect there emotional and psychological development. In the fast world of technologies and all we have started thinking too much.
I don't know its just my personal opinion.We have also grown up with our parents.We were scolded,we were punished even sometimes we received some thrashing,many of us must have whether you acknowledge or not.But I dont think so we have some emotional or psychological problem.In earlier times It was considered that a parent need to be strict for the better development of there child.
I think nowadays parenting has taken some changes.
Loving,talking playing and understanding your child is a wonderful way for there development but sometimes you need to be strict too for there development.
And this strictness should come without the sense of guilty .Whatever you are doing is for the better of your child.Nobody loves them more than you.And a bit of scolding or strictness is not going to effect there development cause your love doesnt get suppressed by your strictness.
So keep loving your children,be strict with them as needed and stop being guilty.Nobody loves them more than you.
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