Going through mental or physical stress is now very common because of our lifestyle...the amount of pressure we have to fulfill each and every desire of achieve something materialistic has made our life more robotic and we have become like a human machines who and work all the time .If we are physically not working we have wired our brain in such manner that its working all the time.In such an exerting environment its so much necessary for us to relive and rewire our brain to boost its productivity...for healthy mind and healthy body.

A research conducted by a group of scientist shows how going outside and connecting with nature is good for our health and brain.Exploring the nature around us..connecting with the creations of god can help boost our mental and physical health,reduce the level of stress and make us more thankful to god for making us a part of his gorgeous creation.

Few easy ways in which we can connect with nature are very simple and can be easily ad…


There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw

Today i am gonna share my biryani recipe with u all.There was a time when i used to get terrified by the name of making biryani.It felt like a long process and still not confirmed that it will come out good.But now with this recipe it has become a child's play for me to make biryani.
So lets begin the recipe...


For korma.....

1-Mutton 1.25 kgs
2-Yogurt/curd  1 cup
3-Medium sized onions sliced 2
4-A small piece of cinnamon
5-1 or 2 bay leaf
6-4 cloves
7-1 black cardamom
8-1 tbspn ginger garlic paste
9-1/2 tbspn turmeric
10-1/2 tbspn red chillie powder
11-1/2 tbspn coriander powder
12-5 green chillies
13-1 n 1/2 tsp Garam masala powder
14-1/3 cup oil
15-Salt according to taste

For biryani rice.....

1-Rice 3 cups,i used parboiled rice.
2-2 inch stick of cinnamon
2-2 staranise
3-3 black cardamom
4-15 green cardamom 
5-2 piece javitri 
6-small piece of nutmeg broken
7-1 n 1/2 tspn of cloves
8-2 tspn of black pepper
9-few leaves of dagad phool
10-1 n 1/2 tbspn fennel
11-1 tbspn shah zeera
12-1 tbspn coriander seeds 
13-2 bay leaves
13-6 green chillies 
14-biryani masala
15-orange food color
16-cotton cloth clean
17-aluminium foil
18-Salt according to taste 

Wash and soak the rice in water for 1 to 2 hour.


1.Wash and marinate the mutton in curd for 1 hour.

2-Slice the onions thinly.

3-After 1 hour heat oil in a pressure cooker and add bay leaf,cinnamon stick,clove and black cardamom. 

4-Once the spices start giving aroma add onion and green chillies to the pressure cooker and fry the onion till it becomes golden in color.

5-Once the onion is golden in color add the marinated mutton to the pressure cooker and add small amount of salt to it.Let the mutton fry on medium heat for 2 minutes,it will leave water.Then add ginger garlic paste,red chillie powder,coriander powder and turmeric powder and let it cook.

6-Cook it till oil separates and comes on top.It will look like as shown in the picture.

7-Then add 1n1/2 cip of water,garam masala powder and salt to the mutton.
Cook it on high flame for 5 minutes and and then cook it for 20 minutes on low flame.
8-After 20 minutes put off the gas and once the whistle settle down u can check on your korma its ready.

9-Meanwhile when your korma was cooking.Take a big pot and fill it water more than 1/2 of the pot.

10-Take a cotton cloth and add all the above mentioned spices in it and make a potli out of it.Now add that potli to water along with bay leaves,green chillies and biryani masala.

11-Put it on high flame and once the water starts boiling add rice to it.

12-Cook the rice till there is a bit of starch left in it.Then drain it.

13-In a bowl mix orange food coloring in either water,lemon juice or milk.i mixed it in water.Now we will start layering it.

14-First put a layer of rice then mutton korma,then food color and then half teaspoon of biryani masala.My biryani masala is homemade.

15-Keep repeating the layers.Once all your layers are done cover in it with aluminium foil and lid.Then place it on griddle/tawa on low heat for 10 min.

16-After 10 min shut off the flame.Your biryani is ready to be served. Serve it with raita or salad.

Thank you.I hope my recipe help you guys out there.If u try it do let me know.

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