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Going through mental or physical stress is now very common because of our lifestyle...the amount of pressure we have to fulfill each and every desire of achieve something materialistic has made our life more robotic and we have become like a human machines who and work all the time .If we are physically not working we have wired our brain in such manner that its working all the time.In such an exerting environment its so much necessary for us to relive and rewire our brain to boost its productivity...for healthy mind and healthy body.

A research conducted by a group of scientist shows how going outside and connecting with nature is good for our health and brain.Exploring the nature around us..connecting with the creations of god can help boost our mental and physical health,reduce the level of stress and make us more thankful to god for making us a part of his gorgeous creation.

Few easy ways in which we can connect with nature are very simple and can be easily ad…


As i have announced three to four weeks back that i have collaborated with @Sdara.skincare,which is a skincare line that deals in natural skincare products that will give you an amazing glow at any age.
 As i had already told you guys that they had send me their newly launched product "SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN POWDER".It is a naturally derived collagen powder.It is a supplement used for promoting healthy skin,nails,hairs,bones and joints.
SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN is a naturally derived collagen from is one of the most breakdown and free form of collagen available in market,it is 100% absorbable by our body...n most important it is rich in vitamins n minerals.
It is NON GMO,GLUTEN FREE and FDA of the most important thing that i decided to give it a try is it is HALAL...which makes it awesome for people like us who look for halal products.
This is a powder which u can mix in hot beverages like i mixed it with plain water..but late…