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It feels so good when you get to connect with someone who is so just like you in many ways.My guest for today's interview is someone i feel super connected....we have never met..never seen each other in person still it feels we know each other from ages. An amazing..charismatic and wonderful lady Zehra Nishat from @zahranishat.

SO,lets find out more about  Zehra.

1--Tell us about yourself.

To be honest, I always believe in making the most of every moment in life. Giving your best shot and putting your best foot forward. When I was a kid , I was pampered to the core by my family and friends were life . Got married and blessed with a husband who is takes care of me like a kid.

2--How is your experience so far in the world of blogging?

 I have been in blogging since two years now and trust me it’s not a piece of cake. I give my soul to it because it’s my passion now. But what I have known so far , it’s a give and take system, no matter how genuine and raw you are.

3-How will you des…


As i have announced three to four weeks back that i have collaborated with @Sdara.skincare,which is a skincare line that deals in natural skincare products that will give you an amazing glow at any age.
 As i had already told you guys that they had send me their newly launched product "SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN POWDER".It is a naturally derived collagen powder.It is a supplement used for promoting healthy skin,nails,hairs,bones and joints.
SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN is a naturally derived collagen from is one of the most breakdown and free form of collagen available in market,it is 100% absorbable by our body...n most important it is rich in vitamins n minerals.
It is NON GMO,GLUTEN FREE and FDA of the most important thing that i decided to give it a try is it is HALAL...which makes it awesome for people like us who look for halal products.
This is a powder which u can mix in hot beverages like i mixed it with plain water..but late…