As i have announced three to four weeks back that i have collaborated with @Sdara.skincare,which is a skincare line that deals in natural skincare products that will give you an amazing glow at any age.
 As i had already told you guys that they had send me their newly launched product "SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN POWDER".It is a naturally derived collagen powder.It is a supplement used for promoting healthy skin,nails,hairs,bones and joints.
SDARA MARINE COLLAGEN is a naturally derived collagen from is one of the most breakdown and free form of collagen available in market,it is 100% absorbable by our body...n most important it is rich in vitamins n minerals.
It is NON GMO,GLUTEN FREE and FDA of the most important thing that i decided to give it a try is it is HALAL...which makes it awesome for people like us who look for halal products.
This is a powder which u can mix in hot beverages like i mixed it with plain water..but later on i started using it in hot beverages...and i recommend it better to use in hot beverages...
Its a tasteless powder so thats the plus point like its not gonna irritate your taste buds,it doesn't give u upset stomach so thats pretty amazing..
Now the main thing after using it for almost a month i can see really a good effect on my hairs and hairs have become more shiny and less hair fall...n my nails have become more strong no more far as skin is concerned a little elasticity is there but so far i have not seen any big difference...but hoping for best in near future...
So i would give it a 8.5 out of 10..and would definitely recommend it...
The products link is given below..
I would definitely recommend u guys to use it and let me what changes have u seen in ur hair,skin n nails..

Thank you.


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