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It feels so good when you get to connect with someone who is so just like you in many ways.My guest for today's interview is someone i feel super connected....we have never met..never seen each other in person still it feels we know each other from ages. An amazing..charismatic and wonderful lady Zehra Nishat from @zahranishat.

SO,lets find out more about  Zehra.

1--Tell us about yourself.

To be honest, I always believe in making the most of every moment in life. Giving your best shot and putting your best foot forward. When I was a kid , I was pampered to the core by my family and friends were life . Got married and blessed with a husband who is takes care of me like a kid.

2--How is your experience so far in the world of blogging?

 I have been in blogging since two years now and trust me it’s not a piece of cake. I give my soul to it because it’s my passion now. But what I have known so far , it’s a give and take system, no matter how genuine and raw you are.

3-How will you des…


As the winters is finally thing that i make sure to give my son is BADAAM JAIPHAL MIXTURE..(ALMOND NUTMEG)
Its one of the home remedies or gharelu nuskha which was used by our mom..grand moms..great grandmoms..great great great grandmoms...
In old times when there was no use of alopathic n homeopathic medicines our ancestors used home remedies to treat every disease n sometimes only to stay healthy..Now as the modern medicine is fast replacing the age old home remedies..there are still some age old home remedies going strong and still used in our daily lives...BADAAM JAIPHAL MIXTURE is the same..

BADAAM n JAIPHAL have got there own benefits...

Health Benefits of Almonds are...

Brain Booster. The nutrients in almonds are essential for baby's brain development. ...Regulates Cholesterol and Diabetes. ...Aids Digestion. ...Strengthens Bones and Teeth. ...Improves Immunity. ...Anti-Inflammatory..

Health Benefits of Nutmegs are...

Good For Your Baby's Stomach. Giving nutmeg