FEAR OF BETTER OPTION or FOBO is the opposite of FOMO which is FEAR OF MISSING OUT..The terms used by experts for FOBO is satisficing.The simple explanation of the word FOBO or SATISTFICING is the person suffering from it is more than happy with choices that are good enough...these people do not want to explore the world and life...they do not want to look into the more better option of life..they think the kind of life they are living is just more than good and they dont deserve more than this.Few signs of a person suffering from FOBO are..
1-These people try to stay in their own comfort zone..they don't even want to make any attempt to bring change in their life or come out of their comfort zone..
2-these people make safe choices..they stick to the safe choices or decisions because they eventually know the outcome..they dont want to take any risk..
3-These people are obsessed with control on their life..they want everything in their life to the point of perfection
4-these people are afraid to fail..
5-they do not want to take any risk so usually avoid risk taking situations
6-they doubt their own abilities..dont voice their opinion and ideas
7-these people dont believe in following their passion..they will do what dey are told to do to be on safer side always and because they dont believe in themselves
8-These people dont want to hurt even the bad people ..they will take up the bad behaviour of a friend..of a relationship..at job..but will stay in it..because of the fear dat their walkin out may hurt others..
9-these people procastinate because they dont like making strong decisions

Despite positive thinking, FOBO can be paralyzing when you should be making full commitments in order to make something of your life. If you’re in this tough spot, it might be time to pause and take a long hard look inwards. Figure out what happiness and success mean for you, then start making plans and crafting your goals from this point.So try and challenge yourself and take risk and come out of your comfort zone and you will overcome FOBO.


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