Going through mental or physical stress is now very common because of our lifestyle...the amount of pressure we have to fulfill each and every desire of achieve something materialistic has made our life more robotic and we have become like a human machines who and work all the time .If we are physically not working we have wired our brain in such manner that its working all the time.In such an exerting environment its so much necessary for us to relive and rewire our brain to boost its productivity...for healthy mind and healthy body.

A research conducted by a group of scientist shows how going outside and connecting with nature is good for our health and brain.Exploring the nature around us..connecting with the creations of god can help boost our mental and physical health,reduce the level of stress and make us more thankful to god for making us a part of his gorgeous creation.

Few easy ways in which we can connect with nature are very simple and can be easily ad…


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I am usually not a very big fan of web series...because of the bold contents and the language used in them..but there are few which actually are worth watching and potray the reality of the world.

ALTBALAJI's THE TEST CASE is one such series...that i started watching on the insistence of my husband...he told me you will love watching it as it has amazing content...and i started watching it with zero interest and as the story progressed i got glued to my laptop and completed it in one go...

Ekta Kapoor has actually proved that apart from making out of the world drama's like NAAGIN..KAWACH and saas bahu sagas like KYUNKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI...KAHANI GHAR GHAR KI...etc..she is actually capable of making some amazing sensible contents...

Lets talk about the series and then i will tell you guys what i felt about it..

THE TEST CASE is a 2017 hindi web series...which star's NIMRAT KAUR..ANOOP SONI...RAHUL the pivotal roles and JUHI CHAWLA in guest appearance..directed by VINAY WAIKUL and NAGESH KUKUNOOR.

It had 1 season of 10 episodes...the story is about the struggles of a woman army officer..firstly for applying and then for training to be selected in Special Task Force.

This story is of  CAPTAIN SHIKHA SHARMA (NIMRAT KAUR)..whose father was an army officer and she was highly impressed by army life their discipline ..their dedication...and most important the love and respect for their country.She wants to join the INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY to serve her country ...Her journey as she knew was never gonna be easy as their were going to be many oppositions from family and the society and then of course internally in the army itself.
So the story depicts her struggles and how she overcame them with flying colors.

I am not gonna write the full story here..i am just gonna write a gist and why this is a must watch web series.

The series starts with shikha applying to join the SPECIAL TASK FORCE..which becomes the topic of outrage in the force as she was the first woman to apply for STF...all the officers get angry express concerns that how can a woman be a part of STF training coz training itself is so hard and getting selected is another thing..Firstly she has to face issues to even apply then HOME MINISTER (JUHI CHAWLA) steps in and gives her special permission...Here begins her journey of getting first she struggles to keep up with the training..but with her dedication and hard work she not only succeeds but also manages to make a place for herself in the top of the best cadets chart.

Flashback also shows how her father wanted her brother to join army who was not interested in the same and due to stress commits suicide..Her father doesn't approves of her to join army as she is a girl and she leaves her house to prove that girls can also serve the country exactly like boys.

Coming in the present due to her dedication and proving herself she earns many friends as well as enemies in the team...During one training session something untoward happens which leads CAPTAIN BILAL and SHIKHA badly injured...and their team carries them back..when team is inquired everybody says that it was a regular combat injury...even SHIKHA admits the same..During her treatment her doc senses something is wrong and inquires but she stataes that its the regular combat injury.

Few days later the INA HEADQUARTER receives a mysterious email..stating that CAPT SHIKHA SHARMA was sexually assaulted on that training investigate such sensitive matter..INA appoints  MAJOR HUSSAIN(ANOOP SONI).
After doing investigation he finds out CAPT SHIKHA'S teammate CAPT MANIT assaulted SHIKHA requests MAJOR HUSSAIN to let her handle her issues as she is capable to punish her culprit without anyone's help.

And she actually makes MANIT confess to his crimes...she even defeats him in one on one combat proving women's are capable of standing up for themselves..they always don't need men's support to live their life..she gets selected in the STF and is given the best cadet's reward.She proves to her dad that even girls are also capable of serving their nation..and proves to the world that if a woman wants to achieve something no matter what the struggles are in her way she will achieve  it.

I just love this series..topic is so so multiple messages through one series..

Number one girls nowadays are working equivalent to boys...whether it is IT SEC...DOCTORS...BANKS..GOVERNMENT JOBS....TEACHING and now IN ARMY also..

Number two women's can standup for their rights and can punish their culprits

Number three no matter what the situation is they are capable of handling all

Number four they can work along with managing all relations

And most important an assault is not the end of the world...its not the fault of the rather than self pitying....stand up and punish your culprit..

I totally believe we should make our girls like that they can face every situation...they dont have to wait for the support of men's to live their lives...

Well on that note..i really loved this series...its a worth watch....believe me at no point you will get bored...makers have made it a point to keep the audiences wanting for more..until the end...

Totally a 10/10 from me..
Highly recommend.

You can watch it on

Thank you for the read.
Till then bye


  1. Super awesome love the plot.. Women can do best if they are given chance to.. Hence proven.


  2. Sounds amazing.. Will watch it..

  3. Amazing content and well written.Will surely follow the same.


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