Going through mental or physical stress is now very common because of our lifestyle...the amount of pressure we have to fulfill each and every desire of achieve something materialistic has made our life more robotic and we have become like a human machines who and work all the time .If we are physically not working we have wired our brain in such manner that its working all the time.In such an exerting environment its so much necessary for us to relive and rewire our brain to boost its productivity...for healthy mind and healthy body.

A research conducted by a group of scientist shows how going outside and connecting with nature is good for our health and brain.Exploring the nature around us..connecting with the creations of god can help boost our mental and physical health,reduce the level of stress and make us more thankful to god for making us a part of his gorgeous creation.

Few easy ways in which we can connect with nature are very simple and can be easily ad…


 "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada

My today's guest is a fashion loving...happy go lucky mommy to her fourteen month old.She is an amazing and humble human...She is an inspiration for all girls and ladies for modest fashion..her blog teaches how to be fashionable in a modest way.If you are not following her you are missing alot...One and only Ayna Tanzeem from @theurbanfun.

1-Tell us something about yourself. 

   I’m Ayna Tanzeem, from India currently living in Saudi Arabia. I have been married for 4 years now and blessed with a daughter who’s 14 months old. I started Instagram/micro blogging simply because I wanted to explore more options.  

2-What were you as a child?Meant what did you use to do
for fun,your favorite food...favorite toy..favorite games.

Well, to begin with I was born and raised in a joint family of 23 members!!
Hahah...I know that’s a huge number. So yes with joint family comes lots of cousins, probably why I was very friendly as a child but bossy as well 🙈.
Okay food was my biggest nightmare as a kid, I never liked eating unless it’s junk like chips, fries etc. 
I hated dolls and teddies. I know it’s weird but yes I was more into kitchen sets, play house games outdoor activities & everything.

3-What did you realize after stepping out of school or college?

Like I mentioned earlier, I was bossy as a child which continued to be in my school days as well and being a house captain for almost 5 years in a row somewhere made me distant from others (schoolmates) but yes I did have my besties throughout. Later, when I stepped out of school I realized it’s not always about me and my decisions, considering others opinions & suggestions is the key to have a good relationship with others.

4-How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?How do you feel about your choice?

Honestly, I didn’t know I’d come this far, Starting a micro blog was just a random thought and the response I got inspired me to keep going and yes it feels great haha.

5-How did you meet your hubby?What makes him special or unique?

Well, we met through a mutual friend in my college fest, to him it was love at first sight. The thing I fell for is, he directly proposed me for marriage, which showed the intensity of his seriousness towards me. I have been blessed to have a loving partner.

6-What do you think are three best and three worst qualities of yours?

3 Best qualities 
Okay so,

1) I can read people (not literally lol) as in their gestures say a lot about themselves. 
2) I have a good control over my emotions. 
3) I’m a little creative. 

3 Bad qualities

1) I get very impatient sometimes. 
2) I’m a very light sleeper. 
3) My concentration span is worst. 

7-Tell us about your love for makeup and fashion.

That’s interesting alright, so my love for makeup & fashion began since the time I was a kid. I have grown up seeing my mom creating such statement pieces for herself and me. You know it kinda runs in my blood I guess 😂🙈

8-If you had  the power to solve one and only one problem in the world what would it be and why?

I’d make sure to eradicate the Food and Health issues. Hundreds of people die out of hunger and thirst which is so disheartening. Helping them for a better life would be that one thing I’d love to do. 

It was really fun to interview Ayna...she is an amazing person...her blog is a perfect spot for modest fashion inspirations...and her makeup skills are amazing..Do follow  her Insta @THEURBANFUN

Thank you so much Ayna for being a part of this series #knowyourbloggers. 

Thank you lovely people for the read.
Till then enjoy.


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