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Going through mental or physical stress is now very common because of our lifestyle...the amount of pressure we have to fulfill each and every desire of achieve something materialistic has made our life more robotic and we have become like a human machines who and work all the time .If we are physically not working we have wired our brain in such manner that its working all the time.In such an exerting environment its so much necessary for us to relive and rewire our brain to boost its productivity...for healthy mind and healthy body.

A research conducted by a group of scientist shows how going outside and connecting with nature is good for our health and brain.Exploring the nature around us..connecting with the creations of god can help boost our mental and physical health,reduce the level of stress and make us more thankful to god for making us a part of his gorgeous creation.

Few easy ways in which we can connect with nature are very simple and can be easily ad…


Being a mom of a picky eater child,I am always trying to make healthy eating the priority of my child along with the taste.When i first introduced Areeb to cake he loved it a lot. That time only i decided that i will make it healthy and tasty for him at the same time.
I tried many ways of making whole wheat cake but some other the other thing was lacking and the worst issue that was coming up was my cake used to get hard.It was not moist and soft and felt like chewing on a hard crunchy cookie. So after many failed attempts and many flaws i came up with this perfect recipe which is moist and soft,it doesn't crumble and the sweetness is also apt. Areeb actually loves eating this and i also don't regret making it as its super healthy for kids in their growing up stage.
So lets get to the recipe-
Preparation Time-20 minutes Baking time- 40 minutes
Whole Wheat Flour-2 1/4 cup (sifted) Cocoa Powder-3/4 cup Baking powder-4 teaspoons Sugar-2 1/4 cup (You can use Brown Sug…


It feels so good when you get to connect with someone who is so just like you in many ways.My guest for today's interview is someone i feel super connected....we have never met..never seen each other in person still it feels we know each other from ages. An amazing..charismatic and wonderful lady Zehra Nishat from @zahranishat.

SO,lets find out more about  Zehra.

1--Tell us about yourself.

To be honest, I always believe in making the most of every moment in life. Giving your best shot and putting your best foot forward. When I was a kid , I was pampered to the core by my family and friends were life . Got married and blessed with a husband who is takes care of me like a kid.

2--How is your experience so far in the world of blogging?

 I have been in blogging since two years now and trust me it’s not a piece of cake. I give my soul to it because it’s my passion now. But what I have known so far , it’s a give and take system, no matter how genuine and raw you are.

3-How will you des…


Maybelline as you all know is an amazing drugstore makeup brand which has got amazing quality products in super affordable prices.I have used lots of their products and still am using like their MAYBELLINE FACE STUDIO PRIMER..MAYBELLINE FIT ME MATTE+PORELESS FOUNDATION..FIT ME CONCEALER  and their latest range is MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY which is improved version of the earlier launched supertsay range which was later discontinued due to some issues..Well I never tested or used that earlier range but I have tried the new range.I have tried its SUPERSTAY SUPERSTAY 24 HOURS FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION and i was highly impressed with its coverage and stay time the only thing that i don't like is its transferable and becomes oily.

Recently Maybelline launched a new concealer in the same range SUPERSTAY and I got lucky that influenster decided to send it to me for testing as i had praised maybelline a lot on their site.So they had sent me MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY CONCEALER and MAYBELLINE SUPERST…